I'm running Vuze torrent client on Linux Mint and am looking for a way to block upload completely.

Obsolete: Please take it as a fact, that I am unwilling to use some other bittorent client.

I am willing to change Vuze for something else if Vuze is not capable of achieving this goal.

Vuze is only able to limit the upload to 5 Kbps, which is not 0!

Another thing I would like to have, as I upload large amounts of legal Linux ISO torrents, is a way to easily switch between Enable upload and Disable upload modes.

I can't seem to find any suitable plugin for Vuze. Something of this sort exists. It is named Auto Stopper. But it stops the upload after a certain ratio, it cannot be adjusted under 1.0.

Rationale: I contribute to the network by uploading Linux ISOs. But movies uploads are prohibited in my country. And I won't risk prosecution. So:

  • I cannot upload movies (but can download them legally)
  • I contribute in other ways (uploading many Linux ISOs)

Is there a good way to achieve my goal?

2019 Update

I am aware the network needs seeders for the torrent network to function. This question is dated 2015. Many things changed, including the way I function in networking and systems.

  • I don't use Vuze anymore.

  • I use Transmission (daemon on a headless server, GUI client on my personal machine).

  • I use a VPN on my machine.

  • I no longer download movies, I buy Blu-Rays instead.

  • Some questions as I'm not familiar with the Vuze client. 1. Can you specify the port on which it listens? 2. Does traffic also originate from that specified port? 3. Is there no configuration option to limit upload speeds based on time of day? – roaima Sep 9 '15 at 15:24
  • 4
    Torrents work by sharing upload bandwidth amongst the users. If you want to download but not upload then you are not contributing to the torrent. It's unlikely you'll find any way to bypass this. – roaima Sep 9 '15 at 15:58
  • @Vlastimil not knowing your country I can't speak for specific law but be aware that in many countries which enforce such laws downloading content can be as illegal as uploading. Also note that taking action to prevent yourself uploading a torrent might not be a legal defence since it would be extremely difficult to prove in court and the tools for detecting who is downloading a particular torrent only check who is taking part. They do not check who is downloading vs uploading. – Philip Couling May 24 at 10:25
  • @Vlastimil it was recycled due to someone posting a new answer. however seeing your comment explaining your use case, I thought it prudent to warn future readers. – Philip Couling May 24 at 10:28


As an alternate solution to your issue which is effectively stopping uploads, I'd suggest switching to one of the Linux' native torrent applications, like Transmission.

It has an inbuilt feature which allows you to stop uploading completely.

This is done by limiting globally the permitted upload bandwidth to 0 Kbps.



You can set either a global option of 0 = maximum upload speed or individually.

Set the options for your magnet either when it opens or after you have added the torrent to your list.

I select my download and upload settings for each individual torrent, so I have left the global option on -1 = unlimited and customize the individual torrents.

  • Hello and welcome to our community! Thank you for your addition. – LinuxSecurityFreak May 24 at 10:22


  1. Start Vuze, and then click "Options" and "Queue."

  2. Select "Seeding," and then click "Ignore Rules."

  3. Enter "1" next to "Ignore Torrents with at Least."

  4. Check the box next to "Ignore Torrents with 0 Peers."

But please, don't use it, because if 50% of torrent network users do this, the network will die.

  • I don't know what version of Vuze you used to test this. This does not work for me. – LinuxSecurityFreak Apr 12 '17 at 5:10

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