how can i properly display the curl progress in the dialog window?

curl http://mysite.corp/image/root_21.tar.bz2 | tar -C /mnt/dest/ -jxf -

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i tried this command but as you can see it does not display it correctly.

curl -f -x '' -L http://mysite.corp/image/root_21.tar.bz2 | tar -C /mnt/dest -xjpf - --exclude='dev/*' | dialog --backtitle "dialog" --stderr --title 'Linux Image' --textbox /tmp/log 30 80

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this command almost helps me but i want it to overwrite itself and not show me new line progress in each line. basically i want it to be the same as the original command shows it but in the dialog.

(curl -f -x '' -L http://mysite.corp/image/root_21.tar.bz2  | tar -C /mnt/dest -xjpf - --exclude='dev/*' ) 2>&1 | dialog  --progressbox 20 120

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You can use the --progressbox option of dialog like

(curl ... | tar ... ) 2>&1 | dialog --progressbox 30 120

2>&1 redirects the stderr output of curl and tar to the stdin, i.e. the pipe to dialog.

The rewriting of lines (control char: CR '\r' (carriage return)) is not supported by dialog therefore you get each progress change in an extra line.

  • almost . i get the output ok now but every progress shows on a new line. in some point it push the title up so i cant see it. i need it to overwrite itself with the new line progress and not show me new line on each progress. basically i need the output the exactly as the original command will show it. – Asaf Magen Sep 7 '15 at 13:29
  • @AsafMagen I extended my answer, the feature you want is not implemented in dialog. Basically this is a new question how to get this (you probably need to rewrite/emulate dialog). – jofel Sep 7 '15 at 14:26
  • ok thanks you for explaining. i hope maybe someone will supply some sort of a workaround if there is any... – Asaf Magen Sep 7 '15 at 14:37

When downloading with curl and redirecting to tar, a simple progress can be printed with:

--checkpoint[=NUMBER] display progress messages every NUMBERth record

--checkpoint-action=ACTION execute ACTION on each checkpoint

For example, this will download and extract gz file, while printing dot every 10 check-points:

curl -s -L $url | tar -xz --checkpoint=.10

To see more details during progress:

  • Remove the "-s" from the curl command, if you don't want curl to have "silent" output.
  • Add "-v" to the tar command, to print list of files being extracted from the archive.

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