I am wanting to set up a new locale for "Indonesian English" (en_ID) for Linux systems.

While English is not widely spoken in Indonesia, it is still used widely in business and the professions.

I have made a new locale file using en_SG as a template, and then made several adjustments to the setup so that it conforms to Indonesian standards. I use this locale for a Linux desktop distro that I support, and it works fine.

What I wish to ask is, how can I establish this en_ID locale as a standard? What should I do to to publish it, and where should I publish it? How do I open it up for scrutiny and suggestions for improvement?

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    It would be en_ID, not id_EN. Locales are included with your libc, generally, so you'd want to get in touch with (probably) the glibc maintainers. You can see more about that on their wiki. I'm not sure this question is really suitable on this site, though. Sep 5, 2015 at 9:14
  • yes, should be en_ID. fixed. thanks for the direction. ok, i shall look at glibc wiki.
    – Gary Dean
    Sep 5, 2015 at 9:16

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The Unicode Locale Data Repository is where you would submit your proposal; but I have serious doubts that they would accept it, especially given that they somewhat recently adopted en_150 for organizations and systems operating in English in geographies where English is not the standard default language.


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