I have a directory called /home/mydir/test A file will be sent from some other team which lands in this directory. How to find the file is whether in that directory for more than 4 hours.

I tried the below code.

find . -cmin -240 

I don't think this is working . It lists all the file in the folder. What i want is to get the file names of the files which are in this directory for more than 4 hours. How to get that?


Need +240, instead of -240.

find . -cmin +240 

You might want to add -type f so only shows filenames and not directory names

find . -cmin +240 -type f
  • yes it's working fine now but i have a doubt , is it possible to print just the file name ? it prints with './' before the file name – VRVigneshwara Sep 5 '15 at 11:43
find . -cmin +240 -type f -exec basename {} \;

That will execute basename on each file found and provide only the name of the file.

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