This is my script I am trying to rename the files in folder.

cd /home/lanein1/WestonIN7pm/"$(date +%Y-%m-%d)" && rename s/WestonIN/WestonIN7pm/ *.jpg
cd /home/lanein1/WestonOUT7pm/"$(date +%Y-%m-%d)" && rename s/WestonOUT/WestonOUT7pm/ *.jpg

This is the error I get :

can't cd to /home/lanein1/scripts/rename1.sh

I don't understand why am I getting this error


29 12 * * * cd /home/lanein1/scripts/rename1.sh >> /home/lanein1/scripts/rename2.log 2>&1

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    That error message doesn't correspond with the code you've provided. How exactly are you calling this script? (Please edit your question. Don't answer here in comments.) – roaima Sep 4 '15 at 11:42
  • the script is stored in /home/lanein1/scripts/reanme1.sh. Calling it through cron 29 12 * * * cd /home/lanein1/scripts/rename1.sh >> /home/lanein1/scripts/rename2.log 2>&1 – preethi Sep 4 '15 at 11:42
  • Is /home/lanein1/scripts/rename1.sh a directory? – Cyrus Sep 4 '15 at 17:08

You're asking to change directory to the script:

cd /home/lanein1/scripts/rename1.sh >> /home/lanein1/scripts/rename2.log 2>&1

Perhaps you meant to run it:

/home/lanein1/scripts/rename1.sh >> /home/lanein1/scripts/rename2.log 2>&1

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