I installed davfs2 on my rPi running piCore-6.1. I added a line with the desired mountpoint to /etc/fstab:

https://url.../ /path.../ davfs _netdev,rw,user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0    0

I also created a /etc/davfs2/secrets (and called chmod 600 on it) with

https://url.../ user password

When I call mount -a I am asked to enter a username and password, as to my understanding davfs2 should check with the secrets file and use the specified user and password.

TL;DR My davfs2 doesn´t want to use the secrets file I created...


After another 2 hours of searching I found the issue:

piCore does not store the secrets file in /etc/davfs2/secrets but rather in /usr/local/etc/davfs2/secrets.

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