Linux Mint 17 with Cinnamon desktop.

Sometimes the characters will suddenly look like this without any warning, I have to login again to fix it.

Back to Mint 16, this machine never has this issue, only after I do a brand new Mint 17 install.

Does any one know what could cause this problem ?


characters not display properly sometimes

  • it affects the titlebar and every other window, not only the terminal, right? What happens if you type reset in the terminal? – Sebastian Sep 4 '15 at 5:24
  • @Sebastian Yes, it affects all the windows, not just terminal. So, reset command is probably not going to work, but I'll give it a try when it happens again. – Rangi Lin Sep 4 '15 at 8:55
  • did you ever find out a solution that does not involve changing windowmanagers? I have the same. It happens when I flip open my laptop and arch resumes from suspend. I use arch. – xor Mar 4 '16 at 14:49

I fixed this by going to Preferences -> Fonts and changing Font Settings to Grayscale. This immediately fixed the fonts in the terminal window but I had to restart Eclipse before the fonts displayed correctly there.

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