I want to send notifications from a non-domain linux server, to my corporate email, me@company.com. My main concern is receiving notifications from an installed instance of rancid. I am confused by the postfix settings, e.g. myorigin, mydomain, relay_domains..., and how they relate to virtual domains, real external email addresses, and/or address classes. And if any of this is even relevant to what I need.

We have several linux servers within our corporate LAN. None of them are joined to the domain. All are in DNS. All can resolve company server names, and I can ssh/xrdp to all of them. They all have an instance of postfix, and I can manually send email, via telnet, to my exchange address me@company.com. Our exchange server allows anonymous authentication.

My rancid application runs, and pulls configuration files without issue. If I make changes to a device configuration, rancid recognizes this, and attempts to send an email to what is in /etc/aliases. This is where everything falls apart.

Postfix is installed on the same server that is running rancid. It is setup as a smarthost with Internet. I am unsure what needs to go in mydestination, myorigin, mydomain. Since this server is not joined to the AD domain, does the postfix mydomain value need to be company.com or myhostanme? Right now, notifications to rancid-routers go to rancid-routers@company.com, but there is no such user in our AD environment. I want those notifications to go to me@company.com. Here is a snippet from my /etc/aliases:

rancid-admin-routers: rancid-routers    # also tried me@company.com here
rancid-routers: rancid    # and here
rancid: me@company.com

I have changed almost every value in /etc/postfix/main.cf, that I imagine I screwed it up. So I removed postfix, and re-installed. This did not help.
How do I configure Postfix, and my /etc/aliases to forward all local mail to my exchange account? relevant configs/error logs - pastebin

  • can postfix server on IS-D-069 machine deliver mail directly to your corporate mail server that is handling mail for company.com or will it need a smarthost?
    – clement
    Sep 4 '15 at 6:13
  • @clement I don't know enough about mail to answer that. If I telnet localhost 25 while on IS-D-069, I can send an email to me@company.com. Not sure if this answers your question.
    – Kyra
    Sep 8 '15 at 17:02

it was looking like rancid change settings to make a single shipment notification email every 24 hours. I use RANCID for all my network device config backups. For non critical networks, or execs that wanted to know what was going on it the network . Greetings and thank you

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