How to replace all / by . only in the sentence after the = ?

For example, from this:

/buttress_unit/buttress_top/buttress_i_ps_but_cio_m1_i_but_m1_tx_wrapper_m1_pref_fifo_array_29__stream_id_3_0 = buttress_unit/buttress_top/buttress/i_ps_but_cio_m1/

I want to do this:

/buttress_unit/buttress_top/buttress_i_ps_but_cio_m1_i_but_m1_tx_wrapper_m1_pref_fifo_array_29__stream_id_3_0 = buttress_unit.buttress_top.buttress.i_ps_but_cio_m1.

you can try

sed ':label
  t label

The s substitute looks for = followed by anything ending with /. The capture with the parentheses excludes the final /. The replacement string copies the capture, and adds a dot. However, you cannot just add a g to do this globally, as sed wont look a 2nd time at the chars it has already matched. So you add a loop with a conditional goto (to avoid an infinite loop). t means goto the label label if the previous commands made a change to the line.

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