My servers went down on the 30th. It just came back online today. At first I thought it was the router because the router the server is connected to is a bit squirrely but when I checked syslog I have NUL entries in the down time. The log shows everything as being normal on the 30th and then all of a sudden NUL entries for about 2 lines before today's entry where it shows a normal bootup. Is there anyway for me to further diagnose the problem? When I say I have NUL entries I mean I have the ascii code 0 NUL character.

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  • Hard to say, though if a server crashed (or was compromised) there could easily be wacky entries in a logfile. One step would be to look if the syslog daemon wrote a *.core file anywhere, and then to gdb that to see if a bt shows anything unusual. – thrig Sep 3 '15 at 14:03

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