I'm looking for a utility which will copy existing ID3v2 tags to ID3v1 counterparts alongside the original metadata in MP3 files.

I have some legacy hardware that I'm not giving up any time soon and it is incompatible with ID3v2, so I need both kinds of tags present in my files to keep everyone happy. I've been using EasyTAG which can create both tags in its files, but I'm looking for a way to run files through a script to automate the process.

I've been using Python's Mutagen library, but it only supports ID3v2.

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eyeD3 seems to do the trick:

sudo apt install eyed3
eyeD3 --to-v1.1 /path/to/file.mp3

You can also use wildcards:

eyeD3 --to-v1.1 *.mp3

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