When I paste text into a tmux shell running zsh by select it with a mouse and then hitting 3rd mouse button, it prefixes the text with "200~" and adds a "~" at the end. For example, if I have the text "some text" marked, tmux will paste in "200~some text~" instead.

I'm on Debian with tmux version 2.0 and zsh 5.1.


From zsh's README

Incompatibilites between 5.0.8 and 5.1

The default behaviour when text is pasted into an X Windows terminal has changed significantly (unless you are using a very old terminal emulator that doesn't support this mode). Now, the new "bracketed paste mode" treats all the pasted text as literal characters. This means, in particular, that a newline is simply inserted as a visible newline; you need to hit Return on the keyboard to execute the pasted text in one go. See the description of zle_bracketed_paste in the zshparams manual for more. "unset zle_bracketed_paste" restores the previous behaviour.

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