Using shell script to delete all matching certificates.

I found a list of certificates using:

security find-certificate -c "certificatename" -a -Z|grep SHA-1|awk '{ print $NF }'

Output is like this:

$ bash delete-cert.sh 

Now, I want to run the delete command on each of those SHA-1 hashes, how can I do that?

sudo security delete-certificate -Z hash

I was doing like this,

hashes=$(security find-certificate -c "certificatename" -a -Z|grep SHA-1|awk '{ print $NF }')
for hash in $hashes; do
    echo deleting $hash
    sudo security delete-certificate -Z $hash

But I like the one line solution by #chaos

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Use this:

security find-certificate -c "certificatename" -a -Z | \
  sudo awk '/SHA-1/{system("security delete-certificate -Z "$NF)}'

awk is called with sudo. awk then searches for the string SHA-1 and calls the security delete-certificate command with the hash as argument. You have to provide the sudo password only once.

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