I have a couple of CIFS shares that used to automount successfully (on an Arch Linux box) at boot but have recently stopped doing so.

Example line from my fstab:

//        /home/myuser/nas        cifs    users,_netdev,uid=myuser,gid=users,credentials=/etc/smbcred,sec=ntlmv2 0 0

I can mount the shares manually using mount nas and / or sudo mount -a

I tried adding x-systemd.automount to the fstab entry but this results in the following error:

CIFS: Unknown mount option "x-systemd.automount"

A possible culprit?: I installed autofs a few months ago then removed it. Maybe a complete red herring but could this somehow have had an effect on fstab?


I got the same problem but the error was caused by... I set the unreachable IP to /etc/fstab. That log never say "IP is wrong/unreachable/not respond". Just try ping to the IP first.

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