My OS is Ubuntu 14.04. I have done: sudo apt-get install haskell-platform-doc

But I cannot find the corresponding documentation files.

Where could I find them ? Or is there a command to launch so as to find where the .deb package has put them in my file system ?

Is there a way to locate them. After reboot locate didn't helped me that much.


dpkg -L haskell-platform-doc will list the files installed by that package for you. However, this is a meta package, it does not install much content itself, but pulls in other documentation packages as dependencies. So issue dpkg-query -f'${Depends}' -W haskell-platform-doc to find the dependencies, and use dpkg -L with those. You should expect /usr/share/doc/libghc-*-doc/html/index.html and similar files, which you can view with a web browser (with file:/// URLs).


given a package package-filename.deb file, this command lists the installed files with their location:

dpkg --contents package-filename.deb

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