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I am trying to process a command line using getopts in bash. I have to pass three arguments after -w option. For example, -w 1 do loop. It should print one line before and after each line from loop that contains the pattern do. This is the code I have now:

file=`ls | grep ^$1$`
pattern=`cat $file |grep -B$2 -A$2 $3`
while getopts":w:" opt
case $opt in
    w) $2=$OPTARG ; pattern=$OPTARG ; file=$OPTARG ;array=($OPTARG)
    *)echo " usage: -w <pattern>"
    exit 1

echo "${#array[@]}"
echo "line: $2, pattern: $pattern, file: $file"

Is there anyway to retrieve the three variables from one flag?

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Only one argument can be passed to an option, but you may specify a,b,c and later temporarily set IFS to ',' and use read to split the argument a,b,c into three words.

For example:

$ OPTARG="1,do,loop"
$ IFS=, read n patt file <<<"$OPTARG"
$ echo $n; echo $patt; echo $file

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