I wanted to replace the first line of a text with sed it should be like

sed -i.bak "1 s/^.*$/"CompoundState\tMethod\tApproach\tS^2\tEnergy\tPath"/" awk.xls

but I also need to run it on OSX but it doesn't support "\t" tab space is there an awk equivalent?

  • How about: '1 s/^.*$/CompoundState\tMethod\tApproach\tS^2\tEnergy\tPath/' ? – Runium Sep 1 '15 at 11:10

Some shells, including bash, allow you to type any literal character (e.g. Ctrl-I for Tab, Ctrl-M for Return) by prefixing it with Ctrl-V, so you could type Ctrl-V Ctrl-I instead of \t wherever it appears in your sed one-liner.

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