Anyway, I'm trying to follow the following tutorial @


The last step on page 1 says to logout and then back in as user1 but it doesn't specify how to do that...is there a way, or does he mean to logout of root via desktop and then back in as user1, followed by opening another terminal window...the pictures he shows always show root@kali:~ so that is why I thought they didn't mean to logout via desktop..

Forgot to mention...the only way I can think to do this was to use su user1...but that changes the address at the top of the terminal window to user1@kali:/root....I'm guessing this isn't what the tutorial was advising to do?


To logout from UNIX or Linux you can either:

  1. type exit and press [ENTER]
  2. on a command line where you haven't typed anything press [CTRL]-D

to log out.

  • my pleasure :) I agree su is not what they had in mind, but it will come in handy later. Check out sudo too for switching users. – chicks Aug 30 '15 at 12:41

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