Suddenly, when booting my computer, I see several messages like this:

[ 16.123575] systemd-fsck[337]: , 408::f6/00, 306::c6/00, 408::f6/00, ...

and in the end:

Not automatically fixing this

What does it mean? Do I need to completely format my entire HDD?

Here's the image of my screen.

enter image description here


It seems that fsck have detected issues on one of your partitions, and it's unable to fix them automatically. If you keep using a filesystem which has errors, its state may worsen up to the point you will not be able to mount it properly anymore.

You should check your partitions with fsck as soon as possible. Bear in mind that fsck cannot fix partitions which are mounted in "read/write" mode. You can simply unmount a partition before running fsck:

sudo umount /dev/partition
sudo fsck /dev/partition

Note that you cannot unmount the partition which is mounted as root. To check the root partition, refer to these answers.

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