Many of the (German) Wikipedia articles about bands contain short music samples, like the one for Emerson, Lake & Palmer. (Look for the speaker symbols). Firefox then asks for an application to run the *.mid file. I tried selecting mplayer but that remained silent. Then I downloaded the *.mid file and tried to play it using mplayer's CLI, to no avail. Next, I installed the audio/playmidi port. Trying to play with playmidi results in an open /dev/sequencer: No such file or directory error.

How can I play *.mid files?

  • alsa (CLI) requires a synth:
    aplaymidi file.mid

  • Firefox with plugin VLC:
    It's tricky, may require fluid synth.

  • Firefox with plugin totem:

  • timidity (CLI) or timidity++ (GUI)
    sure thing; sounds great with the fluid synth gm sound-font, then some configuration.

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