I've Btrfs RAID1 mounted during boot with this line in fstab:

/dev/disk/by-label/storage /mnt/storage btrfs noatime 0 0

Few days ago I was checking data on some old disks, and to connect them I had to disconnect one disk from the RAID first, because I don't have any free SATA ports left. Unfortunately the /dev/disk/by-label/storage points to the disk on SATA port I swapped.

Then, during boot, systemd waited 1 minute and 30 seconds apparently for the Btrfs filesystem to appear on a disk with completely different layout. After that I finally got root shell.

Is there any way to interrupt the systemd unit during boot? ^C didn't work.

Note that whether the case I mentioned is a systemd bug (it is, isn't it?) is only secondary concern to me. Since I expect similar boot delays for not gonna happen events in future, I'd really like a way to interrupt those jobs, even if it means shooting myself in the foot.

You may suggest that I should append x-systemd.device-timeout=0 to mount options, but that may not be desired and that's not what I'm asking for.

$ rpm -qi systemd
Name        : systemd
Version     : 216
Release     : 25.fc21


Apparently /usr/lib/systemd/system/debug-shell.service could probably be used. I have to try it.


So the debug shell doesn't require any password. That's not what I want.

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