I am trying to setup monitoring for my openvpn setup. Everything I have found so far doesn't have good logging for anything but the main network connection.

I already have logging of openvpn data usage etc I just want to be able to monitor each virtual nic as well as the tun interfaces (15 of them) for traffic usage in real time to see traffic peaks, etc. Each tun interface can only handle about 300mbps of traffic, so I want to make sure they are never saturated.

Anyone have any good suggestions? I am only monitoring one server.

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I've been pleased with symon, which collects data about network interface usage (as well as other metrics like CPU and memory usage) and displays them in a web interface. Here's an example showing traffic for one network interface for the past week:

Interface traffic graph from symon

Symon makes it very easy to monitor multiple network interfaces. Your situation might look like this:

monitor {
    # and so on...
} stream to address.of.your.symux.server 2100

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