I wonder if it is possible to compile individual software packages from FreeBSD source tree without compiling the whole kernel and world....Say,for example ex , which is included in the nvi (new vi) source code.


My intention is to compile, if possible, individual software with debug symbols enabled, so I will be able to debug the code/software.


Sure, with the standard /usr/src installed it might run something like

# cat /etc/src.conf
# cd /usr/src/usr.bin/vi
# make clean && make obj && make depend && make && make install
# gdb -d /usr/src/contrib/nvi/ex -d /usr/src/contrib/nvi/common -tui ex
  • And, will this overwrite existing nvi (vi, ex, etc...) installation? Thanks – fnisi Aug 26 '15 at 0:13

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