I just got a Macbook Pro 12,1 which comes with the Broadcom 14e4:43ba chip (output from lspci -nn -d 14e4:).

What I've tried

First, I built the latest kernel (4.1.6) from source. According to this page, installing the brcmfmac driver should work for that chip. I copied brcmfmac43602-pcie.bin to the /etc/firmware/brcm directory, then added brcmfmac to /etc/modules, rebooted, and verified both that 4.1.6 was running and that brcmfmac appeared in the output from lsmod. However, wifi still seems not to work; iwconfig gives:

eth0: no wireless extensions
lo: no wireless extensions

How can I get this wifi chip working?


It turns out I had failed to enable PCIE bus support for brcmfmac when compiling the Linux kernel. To do so, run make menuconfig and navigate:

Device drivers
- Network device support
  - Wireless LAN
    - PCIE bus interface support for FullMAC driver

and enable PCIE bus support.


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