I have recently installed Calibre, and it works great, however I have some problems with handling of files by this program:

  • Folders open in baobab. To open folder I just need to click on a book and then select: Path: Click to open.
  • CBR files open in print-preview.

Gobal file associations are sensible (I have checked ~HOME/.config/mimeapps.list) and cbr files open properly in nautilus.

So questions are:

  • How does Calibre detect file associations.
  • How to change those associations.

I use i3 window manager.


After browsing though callibre code I found that Calibre uses QDesktopServices.openUrl from QT toolkit.

Which in turns uses xdg-open utility, which was misconfigured. I have no idea why nautilus and thunar launched proper programs.

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