When reading from stdin, less does not display any output until a whole line has been read.

I use a script that prints progress on one line, without printing a newline, and I would really like to be able to see this progress even when I pipe it to less.

Here is some example bash code to demonstrate my problem:

while true ; do echo -n zzz ; sleep 1s ; done | less

Is there a button I can press to force less to display its collected input, or is there an option to disable this kind of buffering?


I don't think it's possible.

You could instead filter the input to insert line breaks. Here's a very simplistic filter which doesn't take care of where it puts the line breaks; it's definitely possible to improve on that, but at least you'll see your output in near-real time.

perl -e '$| = 1; while (sysread STDIN, $_, 80) {print; /\n/ or print "\n"}

Alternatively, you could switch to another viewer. Emacs's shell mode is a heavyweight solution if you don't otherwise use Emacs. You would run the script in a *shell* buffer (created with M-x shell). Apart from the different interface, it can do all that less can do, and more, including showing the output as it comes.

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