I have recently tried to update my Elementary OS from luna to freya but somehow it failed so I uninstalled the OS but somehow traces of grub is still on my computer preventing me from booting into my windows 10. Now that whenever I start my computer i receieve the message: ' error: unknown filesystem. grub rescue>_ ' I tried loading the windows 10 disk from a bootable usb stick and fixed the mbr in command prompt but i still end up looking at the same message. I pretty much tried everything (turning off uefi in bios, chaning boot priorities..) somehow i just can't get rid of grub even after uninstalling the OS. i really need some help, maybe i messed up my partition table? or maybe there's something wrong with the bios bootloader that keeps trying to load grub?

please check this: - http://paste.ubuntu.com/12181307/ and this: - http://postimg.org/image/wy7sor9rn/

I'm unsure why sda5 became vista(i installed elementary os on this partition but then uninstalled) I've already ran bootrec /fixmbr and fixboot and both returned succesfull in cmd (windows 10 bootable disk) but the default mbr is still grub, how can i remove it. Can someone look at my partition table and check if the bootflag is correct or wrong? How can i rejoin the sda5 with sda3(D drive)

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Solution: - load up gparted and change the boot flag to the one which says OS (sda2 in my case) - use the Boot Repair tool - reboot :D


I have Dell Inspiron3542 having Windows 10.Following method works for me.

1.Enter in System Setup by pressing F2.

2.Select "File Browsrr Del Boot Option" &press Enter.

It will Show list of all partitions on hard Disk.

3.Select Linux Partition You want to Delete & Hit Enter

4.Now save all Settings by pressing F10.

Now your PC will restart and Windows will start normally.

Setup Utility

File Browsrr Del Boot Option

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