let's say that i've done a find for .gif files and got a bunch of files back. I now want to test them to see if they are animated gifs. Can i do this via the command line?

I have uploaded a couple of examples in the following, in case you want to experiment on them.

Animated GIF image

animated gif image

Static GIF Image

static gif image


This can easily be done using ImageMagick

identify -format '%n %i\n' -- *.gif

12 animated.gif
1 non_animated.gif

identify -format %n prints the number of frames in the gif; for animated gifs, this number is bigger than 1.

(ImageMagick is probably readily available in your distro's repositories for an easy install)

  • Perfect, thanks - i have ImageMagick installed already. – Max Williams Aug 21 '15 at 11:12

Using exiftool:

exiftool -q -if '$framecount > 1' -p '$directory/$filename' -r -ext:gif .

Would report the paths of the GIF files that have more than one frame (in the current directory, recursively).


Another way with im using the fx operator:

find . -type f -name \*.gif -exec sh -c \
'identify -format "%[fx:n>1]\n" "$0" | grep -q 1' {} \; -print

This searches the current directory and its subdirectories for .gif images running that shell command for each .gif found. If number of frames n>1 then fx prints 1, otherwise it prints 0. This is piped to grep -q 1 so -print is only executed if the previous -exec was successful.

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