let's say that i've done a find for .gif files and got a bunch of files back. I now want to test them to see if they are animated gifs. Can i do this via the command line?

I have uploaded a couple of examples in the following, in case you want to experiment on them.

Animated GIF image

animated gif image

Static GIF Image

static gif image

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This can easily be done using ImageMagick

identify -format '%n %i\n' -- *.gif

12 animated.gif
1 non_animated.gif

identify -format %n prints the number of frames in the gif; for animated gifs, this number is bigger than 1.

(ImageMagick is probably readily available in your distro's repositories for an easy install)

  • Perfect, thanks - i have ImageMagick installed already. Aug 21, 2015 at 11:12

Using exiftool:

exiftool -q -if '$framecount > 1' -p '$directory/$filename' -r -ext:gif .

Would report the paths of the GIF files that have more than one frame (in the current directory, recursively).


Another way with im using the fx operator:

find . -type f -name \*.gif -exec sh -c \
'identify -format "%[fx:n>1]\n" "$0" | grep -q 1' {} \; -print

This searches the current directory and its subdirectories for .gif images running that shell command for each .gif found. If number of frames n>1 then fx prints 1, otherwise it prints 0. This is piped to grep -q 1 so -print is only executed if the previous -exec was successful.


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