I am trying to understand what the ss -s result line Total: value represents, along with how this number is related to the other numbers.

Note, the following values are equivalent:

ss -s Total: == sar's totsck == /proc/net/sockstat's sockets: used

In the example below, it is my understanding the number 395 represents the number of sockets allocated, but not yet released. What is the relationship between the 395 and the rest of the numbers listed?

How can I get an enumerations of what socket allocations make up the 395, along with any/all information -- socket port, time/age of socket allocation, application responsible, etc.. for each them?

[root@server]# ss -s
Total: 395 (kernel 459)
TCP:   168 (estab 72, closed 60, orphaned 0, synrecv 0, timewait 60/0), ports 75

Transport Total     IP        IPv6
*         459       -         -
RAW       1         1         0
UDP       20        10        10
TCP       108       24        84
INET      129       35        94
FRAG      0         0         0

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