I currently have an sftp-only sshd service running as an unprivileged user that works fine. When adding
ChrootDirectory %h
to the separate user_sshd_config, the user is immediately disconnected after successfully authenticating with publickeys and the error log shows the following:
fatal: server lacks privileges to chroot to ChrootDirectory [postauth]
The target directory is owned by the user running the process.

Is it possible to run a chroot'd sshd service running as an unprivileged user, or does the service have to have root permissions to perform a chroot operation?
Let me know if more information is needed, but from what I can see, all relevant information has been provided.


Alas, chroot(2) must be called as root.

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  • bummer, figured as much. thanks for the reply – n0x31891 Aug 21 '15 at 22:33

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