I use the following tmux code in a script file tmux-dev.sh and add it to bash using bash /home/rohit/tmux-dev.sh :

tmux new-session -d
tmux split-window -h
tmux split-window -v
tmux -2 attach-session -d

The script causes a nesting of tmux panes giving error: pane too small. To my surprise , the same bash tmux-dev.sh when put into the title and command box of gnome-terminal it works perfectly fine and gives this screen screenshot

Please help me out with this.I am using ubuntu 14.10.

P.S-- Please stay away from suggesting any tools , I am here for an explanation for this behavior and raw shell script solution.

  • So you add it to bashrc. I'm not experienced with tmux, but might it be that every new session starts its own bash shell and thus calls .bashrc again making it basically an endless loop? – Fiximan Aug 20 '15 at 8:42
  • @Fiximan Exactly ! each session starts its own bash shell and that's why its happening . How can I have that above tmux setting( 3 window panes ) without it to cause an endless loop. – 0decimal0 Aug 20 '15 at 9:02
  • 1
    you could change your bashrc to check if you are NOT in a tmux session before running the script: if [ ! tmux session ] ; then bash tmux-dev.sh ; fi . See here for an example check. – Fiximan Aug 20 '15 at 9:15

As @fiximan suggested , I tried to test if tmux session exists or not and then execute some code and finally, with a little tweak I am successful in getting the layout I wanted. Here is what I added to my .bashrc :

test -z "$TMUX" && (tmux new-session -d && tmux split-window -h && tmux split-window -v && tmux -2 attach-session -d)

I will break down the above for an explanation:

  1. test -z "$TMUX" -> This tests whether there is already a tmux session running or not , thus, preventing nesting of tmux sessions
  2. tmux new-session -d -> Creates a new session
  3. tmux split-window -h -> Splits the window vertically
  4. tmux split-window -v -> Splits the window horizontally
  5. tmux -2 attach-session -d-> Attaches the sessions

NOTE-- I have used && operator not the || operator because the later would short-circuit.

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