As far as I know, Linux can only install package from its Repository list.

And there are plenty of repositories out there.

After you have installed/updated the repository list, you can install the package you want.

But... I have no idea how to find a repository list that has the specified version of a package I want to install.

For example, I want to install php55u, not php55w or whatever.

Where/how can I find such a repository list or whatever that contains the php55u so I can have yum install it?

Correct me if I am wrong


Assuming that you are using CentOS because of the tag I can say this:

Additional packages are often in 3rd party repos. Information on additional CentOS repos is available at http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories Pay attention to the reference on yum-priorities.


According to these official CentOS instructions about the package you are looking for, it most likely isn't available for CentOS 7.

If however you are on CentOS 6, you can

a) query for php55u - related packages:

sudo yum --enablerepo=ius list php55u*

b) install php55u

sudo yum --enablerepo=ius install php55u

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