I have number of files with following name details..



  • 2007-07-22 is date.
  • 2300-11S is hhmm-sec.
  • NAN___024 is network same for each file (not required in new name).
  • ABI__HH_E is station name with East channel.
  • SAC is extension.

And, I want to rename all files in following same format:



  • 2007 is year.
  • 204 is julian day (of 07-22).
  • 23.00 is time.
  • ABI is station.
  • e is channel name.
  • Julian Day 204 was in 4713 BCE; I think you meant the ordinal date. In which case, see date +%j—though that gives 203, not 204 for 2007-07-22. Please explain how your "julian day" is calculated. (Do you count all years as leap years or something like that?) – derobert Aug 15 '15 at 5:14
  • Paste the script or one liner, which you have tried so far – neuron Aug 15 '15 at 5:34

Assuming you:

  • wanted "1 + Ordinal date" at Position 2.
  • "_"-padded station names.
  • lowercasing of the channel name

Then this should perform the wanted transform.

$ ls
$ for i in *; do
    od="$(expr $(date +%j -d "${i:0:10}") + 1 )";
    sta="$(echo ${i:30:6} | tr -d '_')";
    mv "$i" "${i:0:4}.$od.${i:11:2}.${i:13:2}.$sta.${chn,,}" ;
$ ls
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For mass renaming, prename is your friend. In this case:

prename 's/^(\d*)-(\d*-\d*)-(\d*)-.*___\d*_(\w*)___\w*_(\w*)_\w*/$1.$2.$3.$4.$5/' *

(ignoring the Julian date until the respective questions have been clarified).

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