I am trying to build R-3.2.1 from source with support for tcltk, but anything I try don't work, since I get then in R:

> capabilities("tcltk")

I am running Debian 8, I have installed the tcl-dev tk-dev bwidget tk-table packages. Here is an interesting output:

$ ./configure --with-tcltk | grep "tcl\|tk"
checking for tclConfig.sh... no
checking for tclConfig.sh in library (sub)directories... no
checking for tkConfig.sh... no
checking for tkConfig.sh in library (sub)directories... no
checking for tcl.h... no
config.status: creating src/library/tcltk/DESCRIPTION
config.status: creating src/library/tcltk/Makefile
config.status: creating src/library/tcltk/src/Makefile

I don't have any [tcl|tk]Config.sh files indeed, but I have checked that


do exist on my system. What is still wrong?

(Here are two interesting webpages I have read :


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You probably need to point the configure script at your configuration scripts:

./configure --with-tcltk --with-tcl-config=/usr/lib/tclConfig.sh --with-tk-config=/usr/lib/tkConfig.sh

These are provided respectively by tcl-dev and tk-dev in Debian 8.

  • This is what I've missed. I hadn't found those two files, but I might had forgotten to updatedb after having installing tcl-dev tk-dev. Thank you!
    – iago-lito
    Commented Aug 12, 2015 at 11:51

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