In our environment, we have an NFS mount which contains all users home directories.

I want to find the users whose home directories sizes are greater than 10G and send a notification to them. I tried:

du -sh * | sort -hr   

This worked like a charm, but I could not find the command to extract the directories of size > 10 G.

I tried find . -size +10G -exec ls -lhS {} \; but it didn't work.

What's the best way to find/extract the directories with size greater than 10G?


This should do it.

Where the first column (size) exceeds 10gb, output the second column (directory name)

du -sk * | awk '$1 > 10485760 { print $2 }'

Or as requested, to show in human readable form, as below. The regular expression ensures column 1 ends in a G (gigabytes) and the substr part strips the final letter from column 1 and looks to see if it's more than 10.

du -sh * | awk '$1 ~ /G$/ && substr($1,0,length($1)-1) > 10 { print $0 }'


du -sh *
2.5G    steve
du -sh * | awk '$1 ~ /G$/ && substr($1,0,length($1)-1) > 1 { print $0 }'
2.5G    steve
du -sh * | awk '$1 ~ /G$/ && substr($1,0,length($1)-1) > 3 { print $0 }'
(no output)
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    Thanks Steve. This is very helpful. But by any chance, can we change list it in human readable format? Preferably like, 21G mark 17G kannan 15G harry – Kannan AnandaKrishnan Aug 10 '15 at 15:09

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