I'm a long-time Windows user who uses the numeric keypad with the numlock off for navigating text, highlighting it, etc. Shift + Home (7 on the numpad) selects all text till the beginning of the line. In GNOME, pressing Shift + Home on the numpad inputs 7 instead of selecting all text till the beginning of the line.

Is there a way to change the behaviour of the numpad in GNOME 3 to that of the direction pad?


There's an option for it in the typing settings: open gnome-tweak-tool and in the Typing section expand Miscellaneous compatibility options and check the option "NumLock on: digits, Shift switches to arrow keys, NumLock off: always arrow keys (as in MS Windows)"
Or you could use dconf-editor, navigate to org>gnome>desktop>input-sources>xkb-options and add 'numpad:microsoft' to the existing values.

For a desktop-agnostic solution, you can use setxkbmap -option numpad:microsoft in your X startup files.

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