So, on stock Mac OSX Yosemite, if I run vi /tmp/foo and then type in some text, and finally do :Wq (a common typo I make) and then :wq. Everything will appear to be fine, but for some reason the exit code will be 1. If I repeat the same thing, but don't do :Wq then it returns 0.

This is maddening for git commit where I'll type in a commit message, make this mistake and suddenly lose my commit message because git things vi didn't write the file

How can I fix this behavior to not happen anymore and always return 0 unless there is a real error with writing the file?


This is done intentionally in vim:

  • the ":wq" command calls, ex_exit,
  • which calls getout with a nominal exit-code 0,
  • in getout, it checks for an error in ex-mode, commenting
    /* When running in Ex mode an error causes us to exit with a non-zero exit
     * code.  POSIX requires this, although it's not 100% clear from the
     * standard. */
    if (exmode_active)
        exitval += ex_exitval;
  • the ex_exitval variable is set by the error-message in emsg:
    called_emsg = TRUE;
    if (emsg_silent == 0)
        ex_exitval = 1;
  • and ex_exitval is never cleared.

So "any" error message in ex-mode (the : commands) will produce this result. A quick check shows that the vi-mode ZZ also is affected by ex-mode error-messages.

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