Can anyone tell me how to install openjfx in Kali Linux to use javafx in my applications? I tried

apt-get install openjfx

but the package is unknown in the repository. If that package is unavailable, perhaps there is another option to view rich text webpages in a webview with openjdk.

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As Kali (1.x) is based on Debian Wheezy and there is not openjfx in Wheezy's repo, you can't normally install it by apt-get. However, it could be compile from source follow the offical instruction on OpenJDK Wiki (you can consider your system as Ubuntu 12.04 since they share the same kernel version).

Another option is to upgrade your system. Since Kali is built on top of Debian, it's safe enough to use Debian's repo and upgrade to Debian Jessie. Then you'd need to enable Jessie's backports repo and install openjfx by apt-get -t jessie-backports install openjfx.


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