I have a script to toggle my screen backlight (mapped to a keyboard shortcut), and I want to save the brightness level so I can restore it when pressing the keyboard shortcut again.

Is there a standard place to save such files? Or should I just create some folder in my home directory to save them there?

I don't want to save them to /tmp because:

Programs must not assume that any files or directories in /tmp are preserved between invocations of the program.

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    You can use /var/tmp. – jordanm Aug 5 '15 at 14:18

On Linux, /run or /var/run are the standard places for things that are not required to survive a reboot, but mustn't be removed by e.g. tmpreaper. Daemons generally keep their pid files in there, for instance.

If your script runs as an ordinary user, then a dot-directory in that user's home directory is probably the right choice. That's where applications with persistent settings (e.g. Firefox, GIMP, etc) keep their data.

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