I am running a script to deploy a website on a server. It gives me the following error:

DEBUG [4223cc8a] Command: /usr/bin/env chmod +x /tmp/mysite_staging/git-ssh.sh
DEBUG [4223cc8a] changing permissions of `/tmp/mysite_staging/git-ssh.sh'
DEBUG [4223cc8a] : Operation not permitted

It is complaining that the deploy user cannot change permission of that file. I already have set it so that the deploy user can read,write,execute the file, as the user is in the deploy group:

$ ls -l
total 4
-rwxrwx--x. 1 root deploy 93 Aug  5 09:22 git-ssh.sh

So how can I enable the deploy user to change the permission of this file? This is on CentOS. My temporary solution was to make the deploy user the owner of the file.

  • You an only change permissions of files you own, chown the file to the deploy user.
    – Drav Sloan
    Aug 5, 2015 at 13:38

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Only the owner of a file, or the root user, can change the permissions of a file. You need either to change ownership of the file so it is owned by the deploy user, or run the script as root.


Instead of chmod'ing Capistrano's uploaded shell scripts, it would be more secure to have Cap put them in a non-global tmp location. For example:

set :tmp_dir, "/home/deploy/tmp"

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