I just switched to OpenSUSE (KDE) from my Fedora 20 KDE setup,and I find myself greatly missing a feature that was a default in Fedora: a "Recently Used" option in the file manager when saving and uploading files. As far as I can tell, both are using Dolphin, but the appearance is inconsistent. I still see something like what I want in Gimp (see the "recently used"): gimp manager shows "Recent"

But every other file manager looks like this (notice the impoverished left-side menu):

enter image description here

I've set Dolphin as my default everywhere I can see to go (such as "Configure Desktop" -> "Default Applications" -> "File Manager") but I can't get an appearance that matches the Gimp one (at least in the Places menu). I want the menu back because it saves tons of time on uploads and downloads online, and as a web professional, it's a big deal for me...

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You can add this entry manually: right click on the Places, choose Add Entry, enter this in Location field: recentdocuments:/// and save it. It should be available now in all KDE/Qt file dialogs.


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