I'm on my freeBSD server. Cronjob suddenly stop working. When I run "top" the service is not listed. But when i check "service cron status" , it is running with given PID. I restarted the service and even server but the problem still persist. How can I troubleshoot this?

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top doesn't show all processes (at least not the version I use). Normally it just shows the most active processes - as many as will fit in the window.

I'm not familiar with FreeBSD - is the cron daemon not named crond?

Troubleshooting daemons usually means

1) Check syslog - also check syslog configuration.
2) Read the man page for the daemon and restart it with debugging enabled.


You can check this,
ps -ef | grep cron


Normally we would use ps or psgrep for this, because top only shows the top screenful. (On the Linux top command I see you could contrive to filter by typing oCOMMAND=cron). I expect your cron is running. Maybe you have another problem with it though?

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