Even when this is an Ubuntu issue, I think this is the proper forum to ask about it, due to this problem will probably reproduce in any other Linux distribution.

I have installed Ubuntu Linux 14.04.2LTS and added AirCrack-NG (for wireless auditing) suite by following official docs too (the Ubuntu repositories aircrack-ng package was obsolete).

But now I am not able to find the besside-ng program:

luis@Zarzamoro:~/Temporal/aircrack-ng$ sudo find / -name "besside-ng*"

On another computer I have then installed Kali Linux, and this one seems to have besside-ng inside:

luis@VirtuKali:~$ sudo find / -name "besside-ng*"

I have tried copying the /usr/sbin/besside-ng file from Kali to Ubuntu, but, even when the program starts, it seems not to behave all right:

luis@Zarzamoro:~/testing/besside-ng$ sudo besside-ng wlan0mon -v
[16:56:10] mac 00:1a:ef:17:79:ff
[16:56:10] Let's ride
[16:56:10] Logging to besside.log
[16:56:10] Found AP f8:7f:39:a3:f4:21 [MOVISTAR_F418] chan 11 crypto WPA dbm -28
[16:56:10] Found AP f8:63:94:aa:0f:2b [MOVISTAR_0F22] chan 10 crypto WPA dbm -72
besside-ng: wi_read(): No such file or directory
luis@Zarzamoro:~/testing/besside-ng$ sudo besside-ng wlan0mon -v
[16:56:28] mac 00:1a:ef:17:79:ff
[16:56:28] Let's ride
[16:56:28] Resuming from besside.log
[16:56:28] Appending to wpa.cap
[16:56:28] Appending to wep.cap
[16:56:28] Logging to besside.log
besside-ng: wi_read(): No child processes

What could I do to make besside-ng work?
It seems to be a part of the AirCrack-NG suite, so I can not install it separately.

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Even when they have been working very well during years, some features of AirCrack-NG are still considered as experimental, so you need to install the SVN development version to obtain them (Kali Linux includes it, but Ubuntu repositories don't):

Compile SVN version adding experimental features:

# apt-get update
# apt-get install libsqlite3-dev
$ svn co http://svn.aircrack-ng.org/trunk/ aircrack-ng
$ cd aircrack-ng
$ make sqlite=true experimental=true
# make sqlite=true experimental=true install

According to official docs, this SVN version adds some tools like Tkiptun-ng, Easside-ng (and buddy-ng), Wesside-ng and Besside-ng.

You can even add what the papers call external scripts like Airoscript-ng, Versuck-ng, Airgraph-ng and Airdrop-ng if the make options are:

make sqlite=true experimental=true ext_scripts=true
make sqlite=true experimental=true ext_scripts=true install

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