I have an old PC with a program called atomTV, for viewing, and producing movies from molecular trajectory files. I only have a binary, and the platform it ran on was 64-bit MIPS architecture, where I was running IRIX. I have spoke with the creator, and he says he lost the source. My IRIX PC has died recently, but I still want to use this program. What can be done?

The files are xyz, dcd, pdb and that type of thing. Preferably, I would like to know some way to run the program in a modern Unix/Linux environment. I have access to all the old files from the OS if that matters.

When I tried to run the program in Linux, I got wrong ELF type errors.


I think the best bet is for you to acquire another SGI machine, unfortunately. There are several MIPS emulators but none are at a state where they can yet run IRIX.

Available emulators include:

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