Somehow I have a computer using OpenSUSE without internet connection. I want to download some packages and their dependencies on windows and install them in OpenSUSE. Is it possible to do so?


You can do this from a DVD or ISO image.

For the DVD usually there is a repository for the DVD. Check this by either YAST or Zypper looking at your Repos.

Zypper lr

To make a ISO file to use as a Repo saving time and having to have the DVD handy.

  1. mkdir ~/sources
  2. use dd for making a iso image you can mount Tutorial on making a iso

    dd if=/dev/sdx1 of=~/sources/OpenSUSE_DVD_13_X.iso
  3. Now add the ISO as a software repository

    zypper ar -c -t yast2 “iso:/?iso=/home/USERNAME/sources/OpenSUSE_DVD_13_X.iso” “openSuSE 13.X″

  4. Verify the repo with zypper lr

  5. List the repos and delete the DVD repo by using the number seen in zypper lr

Remove the repo for the DVD that is listed in the repo suing its number

sudo zypper rr X
  1. You can now use sudo zypper ref and than zypper search X

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