I recently installed kernel 3.14.27-100 on my Fedora 19 system and now I no longer get a Caps Lock LED when using virtual terminals. (It still works on X system ). Also, it works fine running kernel 3.9.5-301. There must be a keyboard configuration somewhere that needs to be changed?? Note: the Caps Lock feature itself works fine.


Check the setleds command, see if you can turn the led light on.
In any case, it seems to me that this is bug. I would file a bug in their bugzilla, but Fedora 19 is end of life so I'm not sure if that possible.


In my grub.cfg file their is this term - console.keymap=us in every linux boot command line. The 3.14.27-100 kernel was part of a complete upgrade with yum. I don't know if this term was always there or if it was part of a revamped grub.cfg file done with the new kernel install.

But here is what solved the problem. I just changed the term to: console.keymap="" Also, if I took out the term completely it wouldn't change anything-problem still there. Taking it out completely must cause the kernel or some other part of the system to pick up the value - us as a default.

There is bound to be a better, more elegant way of approaching this. There are alot of values that can be assigned to console.keymap that might work.

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