I would like to improve my efficiency. I recall seeing some tool to use gui applications on linux with the keyboard, but I do not recall much else about it! Please advise how I can go mouseless(for the most part at least)

I can't seem to find much on this, despite how useful it would be.

I will be using windows 10 for a while, as I am interested in checking out unity5 engine. But I am a linux fan and I enjoy it as my main environment.

My setup before I switched to my new machine recently was ubuntu 15.04 with unity, I liked to hide the dock and use 4 workspaces(though I would prefer more, 4 was the most I was comfortable with on the old machine) and I used keyboard to to navigate workspaces and use the dock(I liked that I could just hold the superkey and press a number) I also had guake terminal startup automatically so I can just press a single key to get my terminal and another to fullscreen it. I use a single tv as my monitor, and I like to sit or stand a few feet back. As a result I ahve to extend my arm quite a bit to access the mouse, so it is greatly inefficient. And as a vimlover I can't stand it!

I liked to keep my Desktop clear(though I would use conky with a toggle option, if I can get that working)

Thats generally how I would use it. I don't want to use a i3 or anything like that.

Applications I would be interested in using in particular under a linux environment are things like unreal engine 4, gimp, inkscape, blender etc

I will add more info as requested.

Thanks for the answer, I used tmux and I will continue to do so, but I don't want to use a window manager like i3. I have been using vimium, though it still frustrates me at times, as it is far from perfect.

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    What does your current workflow look like? What do you use Linux for? Do you rely on GUI applications like IDEs? Please provide more context in your question. – jpalm Jul 30 '15 at 16:15

For the desktop environment, I would advise a DWM-based tool like DWM, awesome, or i3.

Get used to a terminal multiplexer like screen or tmux.

For the text editor, obviously emacs or vim.

For your web browser, try vimperator, or use a plugin for firefox/chromium (VimFX or Vimium for a vim-like experience). There may be others using emacs style.


tmux and xterm in Fullscreen mode

tmux on xterm in Fullscreen mode

with awesome-wm and vimperator browser add-on for vim-like keyboard shortcuts and many other extras. By the way, awesome-wm is very light-weight that comes with nine (9) "desktops" by default; an upgrade from your 4.

  • To get the terminal in awesome-wm, just hit "Super/Windows-key/Mod4"+Enter.
  • Switching desktops is done with Superkey+number
    Mod4 + Shift + q    Quit awesome. 
    Mod4 + r    Run prompt. 
    Mod4 + x    Run Lua code prompt. 
    Mod4 + w    Open main menu. 
    Mod4 + m    Toggle Maximize/Restore client
    Mod4 + n    Minimize client. 
    Mod4 + f    Set client fullscreen. 
    Mod4 + Shift + c    Kill focused client. 
    Mod4 + j    Focus next client. 
    Mod4 + k    Focus previous client. 
    Mod4 + u    Focus first urgent client. 
    Mod4 + Left    View previous tag. 
    Mod4 + Right    View next tag. 
    Mod4 + p         Open Desktop Menu
    Mod4 + Escape    Focus previously selected tag set.

Take a look at their keyboard bindings.

Also, checkout the zathura document-viewer!

zathura with command-prompt open

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