I am having a board with RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller, which requires r8169 kernel module to work. After inserting this module, network get started by eth0.

Now, due to old customer requirement, I have to run SLES10-sp4 on this board. But this OS is not allowing me use the network. Though, it have r8169 kernel module. ifconfig also list out eth0. When I run ethtool eth0, output came as Link Detection: NO

I noted one parameter in the output of ethtool eth0, which are different when run from new and old OS on the same board:

New kernel says (3.13.11):

Supported Ports: [TP MII]
Ports: MII

while old kernel says(2.6.16):

Supported Ports: [FIBRE ]
Ports: FIBRE

What is this Supported Ports ? and what does it mean "TP, MII and FIBRE" ?

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    TP is for twisted pair, MII is for media independent interface and Fibre is for fiber cable. It seems there is a mismatch in the speed supported by your kernel and card. You have to upgrade or downgrade one - unfortunately I do not know how. – amisax Jul 30 '15 at 10:44

Try the oficial realtek drivers. I had similar problems on centos5. it didn't work untill i installed realtek drivers or in this case kmod-8168 from elrepo.

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