I have installed xmobar, xmonad on ubuntu 11.04.


trayer --edge top --align right --SetDockType true --SetPartialStrut true \
   --expand true --width 10 --transparent true --tint 0x191970 --height 12 &

nm-applet --sm-disable &

sleep 3
gnome-power-manager &


I put this in my .xsession file. But it does not seem to execute. I believe so because I do not see any of the applications in my processes list after the xmonad starts. Is there anything I am missing?

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I think the most probable stopper here would be that your .xsession script lacks the execute permission (+x).

In gdm, you also need to choose “Custom Session” (and not the standard “Xmonad” session) in the Session menu before logging in.

  • This was the key for me
    – smac89
    Commented Aug 2, 2020 at 4:56

Can also use .xprofile to execute additional programs (no +x needed btw) to xmonad.

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